About CSFF


16.-19. of november 2017

We are excited to invite you to the fifth edition of the Copenhagen ShortFilm Festival (CSFF). Our focus with the festival is three-fold: spotlighting new developments in the short film genre, supporting the indie/grassroots filmmaking community, and, finally, celebrating old-school analog cinema. It can all seem very different but whatever the approach, content and attitude of specific works it all begins here – with the short film. This is where the energy and the vision is born, this is where filmmaking starts.

For this year’s program we continue to spotlight the best of new Danish shorts while also showcasing international work. We show stuff that runs the gamut from horror cinema to poetry in film. Guided by Berlin-based curator Claus Löser we examine the latest trends having impact on the German scene, and we also pay tribute to the Midnight Movie phenomenon with a selection of historical drug scare shorts. We investigate the primitive art of found-footage filmmaking and screen a selection of analog oddities on 16mm from Jack Stevenson’s private archive.

THE PEOPLE behind CSFF are: Betina Husen, Sóley Mist Hjálmarsdóttir and Jack Stevenson. A special thanks to Jeannette Trefzer, Bettina Senff, Jacob Lauge Thomassen, Jakob Freudendal, Tammes Bernstein, Mattia Guidarelli and Michael Panduro for helping out with the program. A huge thanks to our graphic designer Thomas Løj Christensen and the staff at Husets Biograf.


We have screenings at Cinemateket and all other shows will be held at Husets Biograf, part of HUSET KBH, Copenhagen’s largest culture house. The main entrance is located at Rådhusstræde 13, with the cinema entrance around the corner at Magstræde 13.


If you have any questions you’re welcome to contact us

General festival contact: info@csff.dk

Contact about films and submission: film@csff.dk