Copenhagen Short Film Festival 2018

Welcome to the 6th edition of Copenhagen Short Film Festival!

Once again we’ll present a wide range of films, where we’ll explore the wonderful world of short films. Whether you’re into horror, animation, thought-provoking documentaries, American avant garde or the newest talents within the genre, we’ve got something for you.

We focus on exploring short film as its own media and artform, and show the best from new talents and old pioneers. This year is no exception – we’ll introduce you to the new voices and reconnect you with old acquaintances within the film world.

In collaboration with Goethe-Institut Dänemark, we are proud to present a program of the multi-artist Mariola Brillowska’s short films, among others her award winning 3D short film ‘Schwarze Welle’ (Black Wave). 

This year’s program also consists of good old fashion horror. The program is put together by filmmaker Michael Panduro, who has scoured all the major genre film festivals for the best of contemporary horror short films.

If you’re into animation and the absurd, we have the perfect program for you. With the help from our good friends at VOID International Animation Film Festival, we have found some of the wildest, most fantastic, colorful, alternative and crazy animated films for you.

Like previous years we also take a look back and show films from some of the pioneers within film. This year we’re digging out one of the big ones, when we screen a program of the best films by Stan Brakhage. Come along and watch, or rewatch, the best short films from the american avant garde. The films will of course be screened in their original 16 mm. format – as Brakhage would have wanted it – and will be introduced by the american avant garde expert Lars Movin.