Copenhagen Short Film Festival 2019

Welcome to the 7th edition of Copenhagen ShortFilm Festival!

CSFF is a filmfestival which exclusively focuses on short film – we love short films – and we want to shed light on the media as its own art form. Short films have a fantastic ability to give us a glimpse into a situation or life, through which a whole world appears. Even though short films are short in running time, that does not make their stories small.

During this year’s festival we are looking forward to introducing you to a world of short films, where expression and creativity is in the forefront. You will experience fantastic sci-fi, intense family dramas, terrifying horror and short films that take a closer look at today’s youth. Furthermore you can experience short films that explore the fall of the Berlin wall, from both sides of the wall, exciting new short films from South Korea, a retrospective of Barbara Hammers films and some of the newest short films by danish filmmakers.

Copenhagen Short Film Festival 2019 will be taking place the 6th-10th of November, and you can experience great short films in Gloria Biograf, Cinemateket, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Huset Biograf.

Huge thanks to Goethe-Institut Dänemark, the Danish Film Institute, Danish Film Directors, Cinemateket, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Gloria Biograf, Husets Biograf, Busan International Short Film Festival, MIX Copenhagen, Blodig Weekend, Miyu Distribution, Golden Days, VOID CPH, the Film Workshop Copenhagen, Meta Film, the Korean Embassy in Copenhagen and Korea Foundation.

A special thank you to Claudia Marchegiani, Bettina Senff, Jack Stevenson, Claus Löser, Michael Panduro, Jazbo Gross, Tobias Lauridsen, Niels Harpøth, Claudia Acevedo Rei and Anne Winberg, for all their help with the festival, and a huge thanks to our graphic designer Thomas Løj Christensen.

The people behind the festival are: 
Esther Elmholt, Jacob Thomassen, Alexandra Cruz, Agnete Juul, Malene Nybroe Juul, Nikolas Drivas and Betina Husen