Thursday 07.11.19 / 21:15 (9:15 PM) / Gloria Biograf

You cannot choose your family. At least that is how the saying goes and it is true whether you are stuck with your dad at work or your daughter kick-starts her teenage rebellion.

Presented in this program are a collection of humorous, insightful and at times disturbing examinations of the familial bonds that bind us together and which are not easily severed. They are stories about the past influencing the present and determining the future as our characters navigate families in various states of disruption. In some, the structures are close to collapsing as grievances and spite rear their ugly heads. In others, outside forces galvanize the members, giving jolts to mothers, fathers and daughters, knitting them closer together.


Meet the director of ‘Lucienne Eats a Car’, Geordy Couturiau, in a Q&A after the screening. And before the screening we will be serving a beer.

Lucienne Eats a Car

Geordy Couturiau / 30 min. / France / 2018

Lucienne has never received much attention from her parents and one day, she decides to take out her frustrations by eating the main competition for her father’s affection: his beloved car. What starts as a dietary act of defiance quickly shifts gears and takes a turn into bizzarre, Cronenbergian territory.

Black Forest

Philippe David Gagné & Jean-Marc E.Roy / 21 min. / France / 2019

A family accused of murder is ordered by a judge to meticulously recreate the day of the crime in front of the investigation team. Emotions well up as they go through the motions and it becomes clear that the family is balancing on a knife’s edge.

Career Day

Mika Tervonen / 8 min. / Finland / 2018

It is career day and a hitman brings along his bratty daughter. As one can imagine, pre-teens, social media and executions don’t go hand in hand in this dry comedy, which elegantly combines mundanity and genre tropes.

I've Got Something For You Too

Iwo Kondefer / 20 min. / Polen / 2018

Middle-aged Ewa invites her daughter Nikola to celebrate her 17th birthday. What starts out as an idyllic occasion of familial reconciliation soon spirals out of control as past neglect and resentment resurfaces.

In Your Place

Giuseppe Carleo / 15 min. / Italy / 2018

Annachiara pines for her ex, Federico. Together with her mother and grandmother, she concocts a plan involving an ancient rite to get him back – but even the best laid plans are susceptible to human error.


All films in the program Family Matters have english dialogue or subtitles