Friday 08.11.19 / 21:15 (9:15 PM) / Gloria Biograf

The tools of the horror genre lend well to many different subjects. The metaphorical possibilities are many and history’s greatest horror films have always had more at stake than superficial scares. This year’s selection of international horror shorts show that the tradition of scares with substance is alive and well. These are films about very human subjects as told through the excessive and fantastical yet subtle and effective tools of the horror genre. It’s about sexual maturity, family relations, body ideals and relationships – but it’s also about monsters, killers, witches and disgusting hair. As per tradition things will get bloody, scary and funny. But there will also be food for thought.


Filmmaker and curator Michael Panduro will introduce the program, and we’ll be serving a beer before the screening.

Maw (Muil)

Jasper Vrancken / 20 min. / Belgium / 2018

Richard has always been aware of his sexual abnormality, but only when he meets the mysterious Max does he get a chance to live out his fantasies. ‘Maw’ is a stylish and moody parable of sexual fruition and the fear of exploration.

Bedtime Story (El Cuento)

Lucas Paulino & Ángel Torres / 9 min. / Spain / 2018

A single mom. Two kids. And the Witch in the window. Lucas Paulino and Ángel Torres keep the Spanish horror tradition alive, and deliver a story so effective that Sam Raimi has hired them to turn it into a feature film.

Cabin Killer

Michael Rich / 11 min. / USA / 2018

In an attempt to save their relationship a young couple have left the big city for a cabin in the woods. They just forgot to check for psycho killers in the area. ‘Cabin Killer’ is a sharp horror comedy from director Michael Rich.

The Third Hand

Yoni Weisberg / 10 min. / GB / 2018

Human nature is put to the test when a belittled worker accidentally stumbles upon a magical copy machine and the possibilities start to reveal themselves. With the dialogue-less and highly metaphorical ‘The Third Hand’, Yoni Weisberg delivers a grotesque and violent fable for adults.

Please speak continuously and describe your experiences as they come to you

Brandon Cronenberg / 9 min. / Canada / 2018

The apple indeed doesn’t fall far from the tree and many seem to think that Brandon Cronenberg has successfully taken his father’s place as the premiere voice of intellectual body horror. ‘Please speak…’ is a psychedelic nightmare stylishly delivered by one of modern horrors most important young directors.

Here There Be Monsters

Drew MacDonald / 15 min. / Australia / 2018

Australian director Drew MacDonald rips the carpet from underneath his viewers, delivering an unusually nuanced film and easily switching from socio-realism to monster movie and back again. There’s good reason that ‘Here There Be Monsters’ has been a huge festival success.

Bad Hair

Oskar Lehemaa / 14 min. / Estonia / 2019

Miracles are often too good to be true. The same goes for miracle hair cures as our nameless protagonist learns in the year’s most disgusting film.

La Noria

Carlos Baena / 12 min / Spain / 2018

Imagine if Guillermo Del Toro directed a monster movie at Pixar. A grieving boy must face his worst nightmares in Carlos Baena’s wonderful fairytale ‘La Noria’. The film is that rare animated film that dares to be scary and is technically on par with the World’s best.


All films in the program Horror Shorts have english dialogue or subtitles