Saturday 09.11.19 / 21:15 (9:15 PM) / Gloria Biograf

On the occasion of the 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, we will, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Dänemark take a look back on the event, and screen some short films that each portray Berlin from either side of the wall. First we will go on a cinematic journey to the former West Berlin, and after that we’ll go to the other side of the border to the former GDR.

Berlin based film historian and curator, Claus Löser has hand picked the films, and will be presenting them at the screening, along with filmmaker Björn Cederberg, the co-directed the film ‘Berlin DDR Hintergrund’, who will be doing a Q&A after the screening and tell us more about his experience from East Berlin, while doing the film.


Meet the co-director of the film ‘Berlin DDR Hintergrund’, Björn Cederberg, in a Q&A after the screening. 


Gerd Conradt / 11min. / West Germany / 1986

A stop-motion film that depicts a day from the East to the West.

Berliner Blau

Hartmut Jahn og Peter Wensierski / 15 min. / West Germany / 1987

The Berlin Wall shot from the West. Here in the „Niemandsland“ different artistic activities take place. Reality and imagination are melting into a fascinating „Gesamtkunstwerk“ in Cinemascope.

Berlin DDR Hintergrund

Björn Cederberg og Fredrik von Krusenstjerna / 22 min. / Sweden / 1987

For one day, the two Scandinavian filmmakers Björn Cederberg and Fredrik von Krusenstjerna traveled behind the Iron Curtain to shoot in a flat in East Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. There they talked to poets, painters and punks from the underground art scene. Camera and footage were smuggled to East Berlin and back to the West.

Co-director Björn Cederberg will be present at the screening and tell us more about his experience of filmen in East Berlin.

September September

Gino Hahnemann / 7 min. / GDR / 1986

The director of this short was one of the most important figures of the East German underground scene. He was also one of the interview partners in Björn Cederbergs and Fredrik von Krusenstjerna’s documentary „Hintergrund DDR“.


Eduard Schreiber / 21 min. / GDR / 1989

An essay film that is focused on the district between Brandenburger Tor and Potsdamer Platz as a historical landscape. Where tectonic activity still takes place.

Konrad, sprach die Frau Mama...

Ramona Koeppel-Welsh / 11 min. / GDR / 1989

This short film contains one of the very rare private shots of the Berlin Wall from the East side. The film itself is a claustrophobic poem of isolation and the will to flee.

Berlin Berlin

Hartmut Jahn, Rainer Konstantin og „Gropiuslerchen“ / 4 min. / West Germany / 1989

The song „Berlin Berlin“ was sung by an amateur choir from a newly built mass quartier in West Berlin. In 1987 it became a surprising „one hit wonder“. In 1989 the choir created a new version…


All films in the program In Front of and Behind the Berlin Wall have english dialogue or english subtitles