Saturday 09.11.19 / 19:00 (7 PM) / Gloria Biograf

On the occasion of the 60 years anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and South Korea, we have chosen to focus on Korean short films. 

Korean films have experienced increasing popularity in later years, but it is not only the korean feature length films that are worth a visit to the cinema, also the Korean short films deserve some extra attention. In collaboration with Busan International Short Film Festival, we have chosen 5 short films which we think that the danish audience should experience. It will be an exciting, intense but also loving and at times humorous screening, where you can feel that the filmmakers have something to say.

The Korean Embassy in Copenhagen will be serving some Korean treats before the screening.


Meet the director of ‘Observation and Memories’, Somyi Lee, when she’ll be doing a Q&A after the screening. Before the screening the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Denmark will be serving some korean snacks.


Shin Jihoon / 17 min. / South Korea / 2016

A man is hanging flyers on the doors in an apartment complex, but is suddenly involved in a very complicated situation, which he does not know how to handle.

Line won the Excellence Award in the Korean competition at BISFF i 2017.

Observation and Memory

Somyi Lee / 12 min. / South Korea / 2018

This cross-media documentary, explores the memory in relation with a sexual assault, and how the memory lingers long after the assault has happened.
Observation and Memory won the Grand Prix at BISFF this year (2019)

My Father’s Room

Jang Nari / 8 min. / South Korea / 2016

In this beautiful animated film, we experience how both the drawing and memories of a child, are brought to life, when a young girl thinks back at her childhood with an abusive father. The animation is made with beautiful pencil drawings, and are in contrast to the harsh memories that still dwell within her.
My Father’s Room won the Grand Prix at BISFF in 2017


Dohyung Kim / 7 min. / South Korea / 2019

We are screening another animated film, this time we are brought to a parallel universe, where we meet a fox who wants to become a mascot. The premiss might sound cute, but the films is a sharp critique of modern society, where the grainy animation underline a life, where competition and terms are tough and not everyone is granted the same opportunities.

Morning of the Dead

Seung-ju Lee / 30 min. / South Korea / 2018

We will end the program with the loving and funny Morning of the Dead, which is about Sungjae who is selling his huge film collection. It proves to be more challenging, when he is visited by a young student, who is a huge horror fan, and won’t leave his apartment before she gets to watch Romero’s zombie classic ‘Dawn of the Dead’


All films in the program Korean Shorts have either english dialogue or subtitles