Saturday 09.11.19 / 15:30 (3:15 PM) / Cinemateket

Experience a real film matinee when we, in collaboration with the Danish Film Institute, screen short films from the media’s beginning years, with live piano music by Lars Fjeldmose.

At this screening we will take a look back at the film media’s beginning, where short films were dominating the cinemas in the first 20 years of film history. Not until the 1910’s did the feature length film become the main cinema attraction. A lot of the early films were less focused on presenting a cohesive narrative, and often presented visual gags, explored the boundaries of the film media and introduced choking, absurde or beautiful living pictures. Despite the over 100 years that movies have existed, there are a lot of similarities to nowadays videos on YouTube and Facebook, where short film displaying different situations, are used for casual viewing. In this program, we are going to watch a bouquet of early short films. Museum director Thomas Christensen has chosen some of his personal favourites, for instance the danish Sherlock Holmes film Den Sorte Hætte (The Black Hood) (1911), Lau Lauritzen Sr.’s Min Svigerinde fra Amerika (My sister-in-law from America), and Buster Keaton in Neighbours (1920).

Sortie des usines (Arbejderne forlader Fabrikken)

Louis Lumière / 1 min. / Frankrig / 1895

This film by Louis Lumiére was part of the World’s first filmscreening.

Arrivee d’un train

Louis Lumière and Auguste Lumière / 1 min. / Frankrig / 1895

Kørsel med grønlandske Hunde

Peter Elfelt / 1 min. / Danmark / 1896/97

First ever danish filming.

Pottery in Dahomey

5 min. / Frankrig / 1907

Travel film that explores pottery 

Den Sorte Hætte (The Black Hood)

William Augustinus / 7 min. / Denmark / 1911

A Danish Sherlock Holmes film.

Matrimonio interplanetario (Wedding on the Moon)

Enrico Novelli / 15 min. / Italien / 1910

Early science fiction film

Devalisateurs nocturnes (Burglars)

4 min. / Frankrig / 1904

Live action and animation

Poule merveilleuse (The Magic Chicken)

Ferdinand Zecca / 2 min. / Frankrig / 1902

Magic film

Theatre de Hula-Hula

3 min. / Frankrig (?) / 1920 (?)


C’est papa qui a pris la purge

Louis Feuillade / 3 min. / Frankrig / 1907


Min Svigerinde fra Amerika (My sister-in-law from America)

Lau Lauritzen Sr. / 8 min. / Danmark / 1915



Buster Keaton & Edward F. Cline / 17 min. / USA / 1920



All the films in Kortfilm fra Filmens Barndom (Short Films from Cinema’s Birth) are silent, but have danish intertitles.