Friday 08.11.19 / 20:00 (8 PM) / Cinemateket

A young woman drops out of university and ends up in an existential vacuum marked by discouragement and stagnation. Nine people get stuck in a metro train and go wild in order to ensure their own survival. A mom tries to put together a birthday party for her daughter, but the evening turns into a series of embarrassing and awkward moments. Enjoy six very different short films, when we dedicate a screening to young talented filmmaker from Denmark.

The films are chosen among the short films from the festival’s Open Call-entries. After the screening, there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers, where they will elaborate on their thoughts and ideas behind the films. And Herslev Bryghus will be serving a delicious beer before the screening.


Meet the danish filmmakers after the screening in a Q&A. Before the screening we’ll be serving a beer, courtesy of Herslev Bryghus. Please note that the Q&A will be in danish.


Jakob Valdemar Mørk / 18 min. / Denmark / 2019

Sofie has dropped out of university, and is now working at a hospital. She ends up in an existential vacuum in which everyday life is marked by discouragement, stagnation and despair over how she must reinvent herself.

Nødsporet / Hard Shoulder

Lisa Svelmøe / 11 min. / Denmark / 2018

Mie and Thomas are carpooling with three passengers across the country for a family gathering where they will reveal that they are expecting a baby. The trip runs smoothly, until Mie’s suspects that Thomas knows one of the passengers better than initially expressed.

EMBRACES & the touch of skin

Sara Koppel / 3 min. / Denmark / 2019

“Every time I cross paths with a new being I tinkle with joy.” ‘Embraces & the Touch of Skin’ is an animated poem about the vital need for embraces and contact with other beings.


Tue Sanggaard / 6 min. / Denmark / 2019

What seems to be a normal day for nine people on a metro train quickly takes a strange turn, when the doors of the train refuse to open. The passengers failed attempts to get out, descends into frustrated chaos. Losing all sense of rationality, they go wild in order to ensure their own survival.

Stakler / Poor things

Joachim Morre / 18 min. / Denmark / 2019

One day, Ronja is being followed by an unknown woman. The experience sparks off her interest and she is instantly drawn towards the mystery surrounding the stranger and her actions. However, to her regret, she is not the only one being followed by the woman.

Tak mor / Thank you mom

Amalie Thorlund Jepsen & Caroline Worning / 12 min. / Denmarks / 2019

Helle, the mother of 17 year-old Lykke, tries to put together a birthday party for her daughter, who suffers from depression. Despite her best efforts, the evening turns into a series of embarrassing and awkward moments – as if their relationship wasn’t strained enough.


All films in New Danish Shorts have english dialogue, subtitles or no dialogue, with the exception of the film ‘Tak mor’ (Thank you mom), which only has danish dialogue. Also the Q&A will be in Danish.