Wednesday 06.11.19 / 17-20 / Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Come and join the opening of this year’s edition of Copenhagen Short Film Festival, together with our new collaborator Kunsthal Charlottenborg. It is free to participate from 17-20, where you can get something to drink, experience the short films programme ‘Bodies of Information’ (Informationsorganet) and meet the curator and filmmaker Jazbo Gross, who will introduce the programme as we screen it for the first time, and meet some of the filmmakers for a Q&A after the screening.

If you can not make the opening of CSFF ‘19, don’t worry, cause we will be screening ‘Bodies of Information’ throughout the whole festival period at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (within their regular opening hours (see the bottom of this page). The screening is free, you just have to pay for the entrance fee to Kunsthal Charlottenborg.


Meet the directors; Victoria Kaldan, Alice Topsøe-Jensen and Thomas Goddard in a Q&A after the screening on Wednesday Nov. 6th at the Opening Event


There are not enough meals in a day to take in all the information. We can’t consume it all by passing through the pearly gates of the internet. What then is the purpose of all this information if we are, as it seems, not meant to ingest it? The answer is simple: We care for it. The method, on the other hand, is not so straightforward. The videos selected for this programme are evidence of a diverse set of caring practices that rub shoulders with information technologies and raise questions about a society characterised by obsessive image production and exhaustion. We might think of this selection of films as a little tour of said society. A tour in which we are guided tenderly and compassionately reminded that we are the bodies that make up this information.

Ljósið Mitt

Victoria Kaldan / 14 min. / Denmark / 2019

A lo-fi travel through crystal rivers and scattered blue light to the river Styx, where the living can go no further. In memory of my grandmother; Ragnheiður Skjold Rasmussen (1932-2016).

A Conversation at the Edge of the Object

Sidsel Christensen / 19 min. / Denmark / 2015

A conversation between the artist and art collector Thomas Frankenberg which encompasses philosophical reflections on his collection, including the status of the object in terms of an exploration of texture, proximity, meaning, preservation and disappearance.

Til Søde i Det Hinsides, del 1, 2 & 3

Alice Topsøe-Jensen / 11 min. / Denmark / 2019

A digital exchange of letters in three parts about the value of emotional labour in an overworked society, lightning jolts of feelings which are transformed into energy and the Afterlife. The friends’ love for each other is equally big before and after the revolt, before and after death.

Tannhäuser Gate (not really now not anymore)

Rustan Söderling / 17 min. / Sweden / 2017

A first-person voyage through the remains of what seems to be an instant ruin – a kind of late-capitalist Machu Picchu. Our guides through this cacophonic visual landscape; an unsettling voice that emanates from nowhere and a tiny immortal tardigrade.

Stumbling Block

Mitra Saboury / 2 min. / USA / 2013

I want to be alone with you, ground.

The Word of Mouse (grok your cornea gumbo)

Thomas Goddard / 21 min. / GB / 2018

A dark yet humorous coming-of-age film, combining archival moving and still images from popular culture with an original score, to consider our lives as inextricably linked with the digital world for better or worse.


You can experience the films every day during the festival (6.-10. of November) at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, in their opening hours:
Thursday-Friday: 12-20
Saturday-Sunday: 11-17

The screening is free, but you need to pay the entrance fee to Kunsthal Charlottenborg, except for at the Opening Event, where the entrance is free from 17-20.