Sunday 10.11.19 / 21:15 (9:15 PM) / Gloria Biograf

The big ideas take center stage in this program for fans of speculative fiction and cinematic ingenuity. First contact with an alien civilisation is imminent, laws of time and space are violated, and Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics are enforced diligently. 

The films range from allegorical tales of the world around us to devilishly sly genre exercises, together exhibiting the full potential of science fiction to examine the human condition. Collectively, they take the audience on a  far-flung journey from intimate locales on Earth to distant galaxies, examining issues of identity, the limitations of technology and humanity’s place in the cosmos – all packaged in surprising visuals and engaging stories.

Efter the screening you can meet the director of Thunder from a Clear Sky, Yohan Faure in a Q&A, and before the screening Herslev Bryghus will be serving one of their delicious beer.


Meet the director of ‘Thunder from a Clear Sky’, Yohan Faure, when he’ll be participating in a Q&A after the screening. Before the screening we will be serving a beer courtesy of Herslev Bryghus.

The Last Tale About Earth

Magdalena Seweryn & Igor Połaniewicz / 17 min. / Polen / 2018

A father and his two children eke out a post-apocalyptic existence in a bunker. All signs point to them being the last survivors on Earth, but one day the daughter receives a signal, which turns the life of the family on its head.


Gökalp Gönen / 20 min. / Tyrkiet / 2019

An old man travels through space in search of an inhabitable planet. His only company is a robot which, having been programmed with Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics, finds every new planet inadequate. The robot therefore forces the increasingly desperate man to continue the expedition.

The Last Man on Earth Sat Alone in a Room

Junyi Xiao / 2 min. / USA / 2019

The last man on Earth gets an unexpected visitor when an alien in distress knocks on his door – but the man is motivated by something other than just pure altruism. An animated morsel told without dialogue and displaying a wicked sense of humour.

Thunder from a Clear Sky

Yohan Faure / 21 min. / Canada og Frankrig / 2018

It is the eve of a referendum, which will change the course of human history: should humanity makes first contact with a newly discovered alien civilisation or not? Prominent figures from both sides meet to debate the issue as the votes are counted.

Your Last Day on Earth

Marc Martínez Jordán / 12 min. / Spanien / 2018

A man in a fox mask travels back in time in this twisty tale of temporal tampering. The goal is simple: to save his wife from a terrorist bombing, breaking all the rules of the secretive Time Hacktivists along the way.


All films in the program Sci-fi Shorts have english dialogue, subtitles or no dialogue