Wednesday 06.11.19 / 21:15 (9:15 PM) / Gloria Biograf

At this screening we will zoom in on the youth and screen 6 short films, which are all made by the youth about the youth. In their own way each of the films give an insightful and very present look at the world from the youth’s perspective, and what it is like to be a young person in our modern society, with dating apps, unrealistic expectations from society, peers and culture, and where the only constant is the search for you own identity.
All 6 films are from very different countries with different society and culture, but it becomes clear that a lot of the youth’s problems and worries are the same no matter where in the world you are.

After the screening the filmmakers from the film ‘26’ will be participating in a Q&A
Please note that the Q&A will be in Danish.


Meet the producer and co-writer of ’26’, Penelope Julie Bruun Bjerregaard, when she’ll be participating in a Q&A after the screening. Please note that the Q&A will be in danish.

Meli Melo

Julian Wolf / 19 min. / Belgien / 2018

Meli Melo draws a portrait of a group of friends, who all live in the big city, where they are stuck in their daily routines and ponder about their future. They are all in the search for their own identity, ambitions and to find their place in modern society.

The Girls are Alright

Gwai Lou / 15 min. / Malaysia og Spanien / 2019

Ani has gotten an offer on a dating app, which she is considering, and who better to ask for advice than her best friend Orked. Throughout the film some of the different cultural, sexual and social challenges which the girls are facing in their young lives are portrayed.

Boys with Butterflies

Marcin Filipowicz / 29 min. / Polen / 2018

The 15 year old Filip is assaulted and mugged on his way home from school, which makes his father rent a billboard in the neighbourhood, where he promises a reward for any information about the muggers. This leads to a chain reaction in the town, including events that Filip does not want to be a part of.


Emma Lund Rasmussen / 12 min. / Danmark / 2018

It is Barbara’s birthday, and together with her two friends Freja and Olivia, they have a tradition of jumping in the water, whenever is it either of their birthdays. However this time things are different. Freja brought her newborn baby and Olivia is constantly on the phone with her boyfriend. Barbara has to realise that times are changing, as well as the relationship to her friends.

Fault Line

Soheil Amirsharifi / 15 min. / Iran / 2018

Nahal has broken her arm in an accident during an evacuation drill at school. But when a man shows up and accuses Nahal of being involved in a motorcycle accident, and fleeing the scene of the crime, it is important to have video evidence that can prove your innocence.

Upper Lip

Shiri Cohen / 10 min. / Israel / 2018

A bittersweet coming-of-age comedy, about a 12 year old girl, who wants her eyebrow plucked for her Bat Mitzva.


All films in the program Too Old to Die Young have english dialogue or subtitles