AWARD + NEW DANISH SHORTS (under 25 years)

Sunday 11.10.20 / 19:15 / Cinemateket

This programme contains the cream of the crop of this year’s film production by brand new Danish talents, that are making their entrance on the film scene with both fiction and documentary films.

The films in this programme are all embedded in the youthful perspective and navigate complicated emotional lives, relationship constellations and mediated realities. These subjects and themes are perpetually relevant and especially pertinent for this generation and these shorts engage with them with a lived in insight and promising understanding of the cinematic medium.

All films are screened with English subtitles except for ‘Half a Year’ and ‘Just for Now’.


All the films are chosen from short films sent to us through our open call.
They are all nominated for the Best Danish Short Film under 25 years award. 
After the films there will be a short ceremony where our 2 juries will hand out this year’s two awards. 

Just for now (Lidt Endnu)

Kristine Bidstrup / 19 min. / Denmark / 2019

It’s the last night at school and Anna is facing the start of her studies and moving in with her girlfriend, Solvej. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that Anna harbours mixed emotions.

This film is screened without English subtitles.

Grandpa is Moving Out? (Morfar Flytter Hjemmefra?)

Laurits Helligsøe / 19 min. / Denmark / 2020

Laurits’ grandfather is still keen on running his farm at the age of 92, but Laurits’ mother and aunt plan on having him moved to a nursing home. An intimate documentary about old age and letting go.

Ahmad's Story (Ahmads Historie)

Phileas Krustrup / 13 min. / Denmark / 2019

By combining interviews, reconstruction and archive materials, this documentary tells the story of 18-year old Ahmad’s flight from Damascus to Europe – a journey full of danger and insecurity but also humanity.

Half a Year (Halvår)

Julius Lagoutte Larsen & Kirstine Siegumfeldt / 16 min. / Denmark / 2020

Ida falls head over heels in love with the slightly older Katrine, but she has a hard time finding her place in an open relationship. Love and insecurity chafes the month passes.

This film is screened without English subtitles.


Philip Hedegaard Povlsen / 30 min. / Denmark / 2020

Oswald runs the popular prank-channel Osworld on the platform MeTube while he dreams of clicks, riches and fame. One day he receives a mail from the fan Mathias, who pitches a prank to rule them all – a prank, which would make Logan Paul look like the nice kid in class.


Copenhagen Short Film Festival is following all regulations from Danish health authorities about the spread of COVID-19.
Hand sanitizers will be disposable in all cinemas and the screenings are planned in accordance to the recommendations of social distancing.

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