Thursday 08.10.20 / 19.00 / Kayak Bar

With COVID-19’s all-encompassing presence, some of the other crises that we face have moved to the background – perhaps with good reason – but we think it’s important that we don’t completely lose sight of some of the other challenges that we are faced with, especially the climate crisis.

All the short films in this block use different approaches to shed light on the subject – music videos, animation, documentary and a more artistic approach – but they all have something to tell, something they need to share with the world.

All the films are screened with English subtitles.  


After the screening, there will be a short presentation by Pernille Haagen from World Wildlife Fund
about some of the challenges that the global ocean climates are facing today.

Among Sirens

Aneeta Mitha & Julie Ludwig / 3 min. / USA / 2020

In the ruins of hurricane Michael we hear the voices of the climate deniers, who are not convinced that climate changes are real. Mitha and Ludwig juxtaposition of pictures and sound, create a perfect argument of how we can and have to do something about the human made climate changes. 

The Beekeeper

William McGregor / 15 min. / UK / 2020

Katie Hayward is a beekeeper but faces losing her farm, when a japanese company wants to build a nuclear power plant in her backyard. 


Nicholas Chin & Ernest Zacharevic / 4 min. / Indonesien / 2019

With the usage of the rewind symbol, Chin and Zacharevic try to turn back time and stop the deforestation happening in Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Forest Warrior (Xondaro Ka'aguy Reguá)

ANGRY duo / 3 min. / Brazil / 2020

In this music video we meet different futuristic natives, who have come to preserve their land and the environment. The song is made and performed by Kunumi Mc, who is a native from Brazil, and known for fighting for his people’s right and land.

The Flow Effect

Lachlan Henry / 11 min. / Australia / 2019

In this documentary we meet Olivia Rose, who is a freediver. She takes us under the sea where we gain insight into her world, as well as why it is so important to preserve the sea. The film is no guilt trip, but through it’s beautiful cinematography, we understand why the ocean is worth caring about and saving.

Out of Plastic

Line Hadsbjerg / 19 min. / Spain / 2019

In Hadsbjerg’s film we meet different organizations and activists, who all fight to create a better marine environment and get the plastic out of the world’s oceans. The film’s point of view is from the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic Islands, where they experience a great change in the marine environment caused by plastic pollution. 


Copenhagen Short Film Festival is following all regulations from Danish health authorities about the spread of COVID-19.
Hand sanitizers will be disposable in all cinemas and the screenings are planned in accordance to the recommendations of social distancing.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at info@csff.dk.