Wednesday 07.10.20 / 21:15 / Gloria Biograf

The point of reference in these films are LGBTQ+ people from everything from periodic dramas and horror to teenage stories and experimental animation, that all dive into LGBTQ+ people’s lives and feelings. The program is curated in collaboration with MIX Copenhagen, to explore the wide pallet of good films that break with the boundaries of gender and sexuality that affect the gender debate and reflect the many angles of the multiple world.

All films are screened with English subtitles. 

Miller & Son

Asher Jelinsky / 21 min. / USA / 2018

A transwoman mechanic lives between running her family’s auto shop during the day and expressing her femininity at night, until an unforeseen event threatens the balance of her compartmentalized life.


Sean Temple & Sarah Wisner / 6 min. / USA / 2020

Gwen and Jade stop at a creepy looking motel. We’re unsure of how long they’ll stay there and where they’re going, but when they attract unwanted attention from a stranger, who leaves a rose in the window of their car, one thing is certain: they have a long night in front of them. 


Èrika Sánchez / 23 min. / Spain / 2020

Joana examines the bodies of the women in a changing room. Later, she studies her own reflection in the mirror. Can you change your body? Your gender? Femininity? Joana wants to break free of everything and everyone: from her girlfriend Nina‘s bad mood to the other girls at school.


Flóra Anna Buda / 10 min. / Hungary / 2019

Three women live in parallel worlds, but share an inner universe. None of them can live without the others, and this monolithic relationship makes them unable to obtain satisfaction. One day they suddenly meet which causes the whole universe to collapse. 

We are Dancers

Joe Morris / 30 min. / UK / 2019

In this period drama we meet the drag performer, club owner and anti-natzi Hansi Strum, the evening after the Reichstag fire in the 1930’s Berlin. On this faithfull night he has to decide whether to give up his club or confront the nazies that are coming to arrest him. 


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