Sunday 11.10.20 / 21:15 / Gloria Biograf

In collaboration with the Mexican documentary film festival Docs MX, we’ve put together a program of short films that each offer insight into some of the Latin American countries and some of the challenges they are facing. 

We’ll be going to the Dominican Republic to experience a society in the midst of change where electricity is introduced in a rural area of the country. We’re given a close look at a bullfighting festival in North Columbia and the drug cartels in Mexico, and we experience the conditions for transgender in Honduras.

All films are screened with English subtitles.


Paco Ramírez & Tanya O'Carroll / 14 min. / Honduras, Mexico, USA / 2019

Thara is a transgender sex worker living with her mother in Honduras. In a society marked by prejudice and violence, Thara is willing to risk everything to be herself, despite the dangers that lurk at night.

The Surrounding World (El Mundo Que Nos Rodea)

Wendy P. Espinal / 30 min. / Den Dominikanske Republik / 2019

In the heart of a Caribbean island, images, words and sounds make up a rural symphony, while the expected progress arrives. But when the inevitable technological development knocks on the door, it’s not only light that it brings. This beautiful documentary takes a fly on the wall approach, where we get a first hand witness to the technological influence and everything that follows.

Bicha - Bomba

Renan de Cillo / 8 min. / Brasilien / 2019

The filmmaker writes: “This film is not capable of avenging deaths, redeeming suffering, changing the rules of the game and changing the world. There is no salvation. This is a barricade! It is not a bible.”

Burning Land (Arde La Tierra)

Juan Camilo Olmos / 29 min. / Columbia / 2019

Burning Land portrays a popular bullfighting festivity in Northern Colombia which reveals a tradition rooted within an established order in permanent confrontation, as well as the contradictions of a society which seems to celebrate with folkloric complicity its very own games of power.

Cherán. The Burning Hope

Rodrigo Hernandez & Elpida Nikou / 14 min. / Mexico / 2019

The community of Cherán, in Michoacán, is emblematic for its fight against organized crime and government corruption. The Purépecha indigenous people took up arms to defend their land and forest from the armed drug traffickers who were devastating their territory. And they did. Their uprising drove out the invaders and paved the way for the construction of an expanded project of self-government. Police and local politicians were expelled from the city and political parties were banned.


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