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It is no secret that women are underrepresented in the film business. That’s why we at CSFF would like to shine a light on some of the talented women working out there. The films you’re about to see are made by six different female directors who will take you to countries like Korea, Egypt and Sweden. Each film presents in its own way a take on what it means to be a woman – both the good and the bad. This block is an emotional roller coaster that will hit you right in the stomach while also leaving room for smiles, recognition and contemplation. The stories reach far and wide but they all have the one thing in common that they are made by some badass women, both in front of and behind the camera.

All the films are screened with English subtitles.


After the screening, you can meet the director of The Wedding Cake, Monica Mazzitelli, when she visits the festival for a Q&A.

Freckles (주근깨)

Jihee Kim / 27 min. / Sydkorea / 2019

Young-shin is in a so-called ‘fat camp’ against her will. But one day, she kisses her friend and roommate which opens an inner turmoil that brings both joy, anger and crucially confusion. Freckles is a coming-of-age story about teenage love in the middle of our performance obsessed society.  


Sivan Kidron / 4 min. / Israel / 2019

Through the use of repetitions, inner layers and infinite tunnels, this animated music video explores the idea of secrets and emotions that we keep to ourselves. All of it to the tune of Kaho Nakamuras’s song “Kittone!”


Hye Won Jung / 24 min. / Sydkorea / 2019

Hyewon is trying to escape her past – a sex video that she suspects her ex-boyfriend have posted online. But as is so often the case, the past will catch up to you and it can be difficult to look towards brighter times. 


Anne Thorens / 5 min. / Schweiz / 2019

A young couple is about to have sex when the women asks the man for a condom. When he doesn’t have one you would think that would be the end of the act but he has other plans. Diagonale is an extremely relevant film that in precise terms focuses on consent and proves why #metoo is still relevant. 

The Wedding Cake

Monica Mazzitelli / 4 min. / Sverige / 2020

Monica Mazzitelli uses Playmobil-figures to document a true story about a young woman that is forced into prostituion to pay off her ex-husband’s debt. The film is a tour de force of raw emotions that forces us to stop and think. 

The Trap (Fakh)

Nada Riyadh / 20 min. / Egypten / 2019

A young unmarried couple leaves the judging looks to go to a deserted holiday resort to have sex. But the dynamic between them is tested when the woman reveals that she wants to end the relationship. The Trap is a film about the power balance between women and men and it will leave its audience with a lump in their throats.


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