On this page we have gathered some different short films from the 2019 festival edition, that are now online and free to watch. You can find films from the Horror Shorts, New Danish Shorts, Sci-fi Shorts, Korean Shorts and Too Old to Die Young program. Below you will find the films, where to screen them, and a short description.

If you are interested in watching the silent films we screened during the festival, please visit the new site, created by the Danish Film Institute,, where you will find the films that were in the program and a lot of other great films from the silent era.

Please enjoy

La Noria

Carlos Baena / 12 min. / Spain / 2018

Imagine if Guillermo Del Toro directed a monster movie at Pixar. A grieving boy must face his worst nightmares in Carlos Baena’s wonderful fairytale ‘La Noria’. The film is that rare animated film that dares to be scary and is technically on par with the World’s best.

The Last Man on Earth sat Alone in a Room

Junyi Xiao / 2 min. / USA / 2019

The last man on Earth gets an unexpected visitor when an alien in distress knocks on his door – but the man is motivated by something other than just pure altruism. An animated morsel told without dialogue and displaying a wicked sense of humour.

Cabin Killer

Michael Rich / 11 min. / USA / 2018

In an attempt to save their relationship a young couple have left the big city for a cabin in the woods. They just forgot to check for psycho killers in the area. ‘Cabin Killer’ is a sharp horror comedy from director Michael Rich.


Emma Lund Rasmussen / 12 min. / Danmark / 2018

It is Barbara’s birthday, and together with her two friends Freja and Olivia, they have a tradition of jumping in the water, whenever is it either of their birthdays. However this time things are different. Freja brought her newborn baby and Olivia is constantly on the phone with her boyfriend. Barbara has to realise that times are changing, as well as the relationship to her friends.

Nødsporet / Hard Shoulder

Lisa Svelmøe / 11 min. / Denmark / 2018

Mie and Thomas are carpooling with three passengers across the country for a family gathering where they will reveal that they are expecting a baby. The trip runs smoothly, until Mie suspects that Thomas knows one of the passengers better than initially expressed.

My Father's Room

Jang Nari / 8 min. / South Korea / 2016

In this beautiful animated film, we experience how both the drawing and memories of a child, are brought to life, when a young girl thinks back at her childhood with an abusive father. The animation is made with beautiful pencil drawings, and are in contrast to the harsh memories that still dwell within her.


Tue Sanggaard / 19 min. / Denmark / 2019

What seems to be a normal day for nine people on a metro train quickly takes a strange turn, when the doors of the train refuse to open. The passengers failed attempts to get out, descends into frustrated chaos. Losing all sense of rationality, they go wild in order to ensure their own survival.