CSFF Junior

CSFF Junior

13.-17. OCTOBER 2021

Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København

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At this year’s festival, we have expanded our children’s program so much that we have chosen to do a mini-festival the following week – Copenhagen Short Film Festival Junior. From 13.-17. October you, along with your parents, can experience a wide range of fun and entertaining short films that explore different worlds, each with their own funny characters.
In collaboration with Børnebiffen, we have put together various programs that all cater to specific target groups (3-5 years and 5-7 years). 

We’re looking forward to seeing you for some fun short film screenings for the whole family

Get your tickets through Cinemateket’s homepage.

Please note that the films are in Danish or without dialogue.

CSFF Junior

Children's program #1 (3-5 years)

Thursday 14. Okt. 10:00 + Sunday 17. Okt. 11:15

Dragon Recipes
Maria Pavlou / 7 min. / Cypern / 2019 / no dialogue
In this colorful 3D animated film, a little witch tries to brew her own dragon, but it does not go quite as she had expected, but maybe that is alright.

Marina Moshkova / 6 min. / Rusland / 2020 / no dialogue
The slightly grumpy polar bear is one day visited by his distant relative, the brown bear, who does things a little differently. But the polar bear quickly finds out that it can actually be fun to try new things.

Kiwi & Strit (Painting Gadget)
Esben Toft Jacobsen / 5 min. / Danmark / 2021 / no dialogue
Kiwi & Strit are getting ready to sleep. Strit likes Kiwi’s teddy, but Kiwi doesn’t want to share. In the middle of the night, Strit goes off on an adventure to find the perfect teddy.

Kiwi & Strit (The Sticky Snails)
Esben Toft Jacobsen / 5 min. / Danmark / 2021 / no dialogue
The forest has been invaded by sticky snails. Kiwi thinks they are disgusting but Strit thinks it is funny to stick them onto himself.

Star Bright
Leno Miao & Mercedes Marro / 8 min. / Spanien / 2019 / no dialogue
A little girl and her best friend, a big bear, become friends with a shining star in the darkness of the evening.

Children's program #2 (3-5 years)

Wednesday 13. Okt. 10:00 + Friday 15. Okt. 10:00

Master painter Bah Bizon’s balloon ride 
Uli Seis / 2 min. / Tyskland / 2020 / No dialogue 
A small sheep meets a wolf on its hot air balloon ride, but quickly devises a plan to avoid the hungry wolf.

Milen Vitanov / 7 min. / Germany, Bulgaria / 2020 / no dialogue
A small dog is accidentally left in Antarctica, but luckily he gets help from a bunch of snow hares, who help him find his way back to his owner.

Little Frog (Lille Frø)
Kim Hagen / 8 min. / Danmark / 2020 / Danish
Little Frog is really a sweet little frog, that is, until the family finds out that he is actually quite naughty too. In fact, so naughty that Frog dad and Frog mom eventually have to take him to a school psychologist, and from here it gets much worse, and Little Frog ends up leaving his family. Will Little Frog always be naughty? And will he ever find his family again?

Kiwi & Strit (Funny Harmony)
Esben Toft Jacobsen / 5 min. / Danmark / 2021 / No dialogue
A terrible noise disrupts the forest. Kiwi and Strit discover that it comes from a group of forest animals with instruments. One of the animals can’t seem to play in tune with the others. Kiwi sends him away, but Strit ends up helping the animal in a surprising way.

Kiwi & Strit (The Soapbox Car)
Esben Toft Jacobsen / 5 min. / Danmark / 2021 / No dialogue
Kiwi has built a cool soapbox car, and all the animals in the forest want him to build them one too. Strit tries to build his own too but his soapbox car is a bit of a mess. Strit is a real road hog, so Kiwi decides to install a traffic light in the forest.

Warm Star
Anna Kuzina / 4 min. / Rusland / 2020 / No dialogue
An owl in the sky is getting the stars ready for night time as he drops a star down to Earth where two children find it.

Children's program #3 (5-7 years)

Saturday 16. Okt. 11:15

Princess and the bandit
Mariya Sosnina & Mikhail Aldashin / 3 min. / Rusland / 2020 / no dialogue
The young princess falls in love with the city robber, but her parents, the king and the queen are not much for it. 

Sea Jin Park / 3min. / Sydkorea / 2021 / no dialogue
In this short film, a helpful jellyfish tries to save a manatee from a fishing boat, and gets all the jellyfish in the sea to help out.

The Secret of the Ice Flower (Isblomstens Hemmelighed)
Jacob Ley / 27 min. / Danmark / 2012 / Danish 
The first time Svindel tries to do magic, he accidentally shoots his great-grandfather’s wand far into the valley of the green peas, where he meets Fup, who changes his outlook on life. The two friends return with another, and somewhat more magical wand than the great-grandfather has used all his life. But when Svindel tries to do magic for the second time, something goes wrong and he loses his great-grandfather. Fup’s good humor inspires Svindel to reinvent the myth of his great-grandfather, to eventually have to fight his own legacy to save Fup, and give the whole valley a magic show they will never forget!