Foley event

Foley event

8. OCTOBER 2021


Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København

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This evening we put live sound effects on silent films and explore the invisible world of the film medium using classic foley techniques. Karl Heding (BR) is a composer and sound artist, Frederik Nielbo (DK) is a sound semiotician. Together, they cultivate the traditional means and effects of the foley and take the audience into their homemade foley studio, which they take to the cinema.

Foley art originated in the 1920s, when people began working with live sound effects in radio theater. The methods were quickly brought into the world of film and the foley made sure that footsteps, rusty hinges and fights sounded just right – and many of the techniques are still used in film to this day.

You’ll experience first hand how foley sounds are made, and Frederik and Karl will take you through the techniques and methods to create just the right sounds and effects for the films.

Foley event

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