Nordatlantiske kortfilmsperler

Nordatlantiske kortfilmsperler

9. OCTOBER 2021


Nordatlantens Brygge, Strandgade 91, 1401 København

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Both the Faroe Islands and Greenland have attracted foreign filmmakers throughout film history. And in the last couple of decades, their own film production has been in rapid development, bringing both Faroese and Greenlandic films to festivals around the world.

In collaboration with Nordatlantiske Filmdage, we present a selection of Faroese and Greenlandic short films that offer everything from poetic documentary and climate struggle to quirky and black humorous stories from both a bygone past and a highly topical present.

The short films and the general development are presented and will be discussed by Birgir Thor Møller (Nordatlantiske Filmdage), Bill Bering (Nuuk International Film Festival), the Greenlandic director Inuk Jørgensen and Faroese director Andrias Høgenni.

Nordatlantiske kortfilmsperler

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