Saturday 10.10.20 / 16:30 / Cinemateket

Five new Danish shorts constitute this programme which consists of both documentary and fiction films. The films are made by a mix of experienced creators and directors making their debut. They all exhibit control of the medium and an in-depth understanding of human nature. 

Form and content vary and the audience will be led through a vast array of moods and genres – from the jazzy neo-noir gloom of ‘Wall of Concrete’ to the youth documentary ‘Milk of the Night’ and along to ‘In Medias Rush’, which doesn’t look like anything else at this year’s festival. 

All films are screened with English subtitles. 


All films are selected from CSFF’s open call and are nominated for the Best Danish Short Film Award.
Meet the filmmakers after the screening for a Q&A.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Mellem Sten og et Hårdt Sted)

Mads Koudal / 19 min. / Denmark / 2019

The years are starting to leave their mark on octogenarian Birthe, ever the caretaker of her daughter Karen, who has Down’s syndrome. One day a letter arrives, which threatens to turn Birthe and Karen’s world on its head.

In Medias Rush (In Medias Ræs)

Esben Persson / 15 min. / Denmark / 2020

‘In Medias Rush’ is a deep sea dive into the manic mind of a young man as his thoughts take over during his birthday celebration. Told with a poetic voice-over and wrapped in a retro sci-fi aesthetic.

Milk of the Night (Nattens Smil)

Lulu Roos / 30 min. / Denmark / 2020

A tender portrait of the two friends Selma and Josefine, who live together in Copenhagen and both struggle with adversity and creative aspirations. Selma finds it hard to return to normalcy after being admitted to a psychiatric ward while Josefine fights to break through as an actress.

What the Sea Forget

Martin Johannsen / 13 min. / Denmark / 2019

Through expressionistic sound design and interviews, the poetic documentary ‘What the Sea Forget’ examines the Palestenian people’s connection to the sea – and how it has been severed since 1948.

Walls of Concrete (Vægge af Beton)

Nikolai G. H. Johansen / 29 min. / Denmark / 2019

Rudi Køhnke plays the weary private investigator Jørgen, whose profession has left him disillusioned and without human connections. This changes when his neighbour Nadine bangs on his door.


Copenhagen Short Film Festival is following all regulations from Danish health authorities about the spread of COVID-19.
Hand sanitizers will be disposable in all cinemas and the screenings are planned in accordance to the recommendations of social distancing.

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