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This year’s animation block takes us far and wide. From outer space, to future worlds. From recognizable everyday situations, to people on the edge of the world. We meet an astronaut with a blind passenger, a ranger chasing the mystery of her missing brother, a robot army in the distant future and a priest’s son who is challenged on his faith. 

Only animation can effortlessly take its viewers to the known and unknown corners of the universe. The films in this year’s animation block seeks to deeply understand the modern man, both in our relationship to technology, communication, and humanity. The films leave no easy answers, but leave it up to its audience to draw their own conclusions.

All films are screened with English subtitles. 


After the screening you can meet the director of the film Song Sparrow, Farzaneh Omidvarnia (to the left), and the director of 100.000 Acres of Pine, Jennifer Alice Wright (to the right), where they will be answering your questions.


Shon Kim / 8 min. / South Korea / 2020

Bookanima, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, and an experimental animation, which purpose is to give new cinematic life to books. Bookanima aims to create ‘Book Cinema’ where animation is the link between Books and Cinema. Along the way, it experiments locomotion based on the classic photo technique Chronophotography, paying homage to the photo pioneers Eadweard Muybridge and Étienne-Jules Marey.


Jolanta Bankowska / 5 min. / Polen / 2019

What is the first that springs to mind when hearing the word “story”? Is it your Instagram story? Then Jolanta Bankowska’s “Story” might be for you. Bankowska reflects on modern man in an age of omnipresent technology. Is your story just what you present online?

Song Sparrow

Farzaneh Omidvarnia / 12 min. / Iran, Denmark

A truck filled with people is driving through an unknown country. These people are refugees and they are all afraid of what will meet them when the truck stops. Irianian director Fazaneh Omidvarnia depicts the terrors of these refugees with a beautiful, almost naive and childlike animation style which leaves the viewer with an unforgettable impact. 


Cesar Diaz Melendez & Isabel de la Torre / 2 min. / Spain / 2019

Spanish director Cesar Diaz Melendez asked the question with this little mystery of an animated short film; “Who lives in the hermitage of the hill?”. This is a question for the viewer to ponder upon, but maybe the title gives you a clue,

100.000 Acres of Pine

Jennifer Alice Wright / 7 min. / Denmark / 2020

In Jennifer Alice Wright’s animation short, we meet Ranger Megan Patel who must uncover the mystery surrounding her brother’s death. But following his footsteps, Megan discovers a darkness she might not escape.


Lili Amirault & Valere Amirault / 4 min. / France / 2019

In a strange Orwell world, where a robotic militia controls different universes, a star returns to the sky. This heavenly body holds a dangerous upcoming power for the militia.


Joel Stenbäck / 7 min. / Denmark / 2020

After skipping Sunday church, Oskar, the priest’s son, runs into bullies that push his faith to the edge.

Unanswered Telephone

Lee Seunn / 5 min. / Sydkorea / 2020

A character pursues spheres into a micro-world in order to grasp their hidden meaning.
This is an animation about the flawed nature of human communication, combining mixed techniques of drawing on paper, cel, paper cut-out and painting on glass. This wild ride is accompanied with music by Felix Kubin.

Michaela Tereshkova's Extremely Obscure Discovery

YK Animation Studio / 2 min. / Switzerland / 2019

When astronaut Tereshkova discovers an unwanted fellow traveller, her journey on the moon gets more thrilling than expected.


Cora Mckenna / 7 min. / Denmark / 2020

A boy living a fast paced, free roaming life with his friends on the streets of Dublin doesn’t always have good choices to make.

Winter Bath

Jingpei Xiao / 2 min. / USA / 2020

It is snowing outside. Yui comes back home to have a bath. She feels quite comfortable lying in the bathtub until she finds herself trapped by hot water…


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