Horror Shorts

Horror Shorts

9. OCTOBER 2021


Empire Bio, Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 København

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The horror genre is a variegated size that generously lends its means and can be combined with almost all the archetypes and narrative forms of the film landscape. This year’s selection of horror films is intended as a cross section of horror anno 2021, and shows how filmmakers from all over the world with varied and wide-ranging approaches manage to keep the genre both fresh and far-sighted.

The program thus ranges from silent film to modern social realism. From claustrophobic monster horror over dreamy arthouse to deadpan comedy and even a musical. It’s films about relationships, about class divisions, about longing and about inequality – all filtered through the horror genre’s juicy and uncompromising meat mincers.

True to tradition, it becomes both wild and thoughtful, eerie and funny, bloody and entertaining.

Horror Shorts

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